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Wills, Trusts, & Estate Planning


Plan your future with confidence

Utilizing estate planning tools like wills and trusts offers the assurance that your assets will be handled according to your wishes, reducing the burden on your family and loved ones while protecting your wealth.

A Will, effective upon your death, addresses distribution of your assets, overseen by a court in the Probate process. Probate is expensive and time consuming with all information made available to the public.

A Living Trust serves you during your life and then allows your Trustee to promptly address your wishes after you pass. A Living Trust remains private and provides ease of administration to assist your loved ones.

In addition to Living Trusts, Geiger Law routinely uses other specialty trusts to address your needs for creditor protections, asset preservation, business considerations, financial predator protections, and special needs and disability protections.

Comprehensive estate planning includes many protections for you during your life if you become incapacitated. Geiger Law provides this peace of mind in every estate plan through medical and general powers of attorney, living wills, HIPPA authorizations and related documents.


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