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Geiger Law & Mediation: Steering to Solutions.

Steer away from needless cost and expense. Steer away from exhaustive and unnecessary delays. Steer away from unresponsiveness. Steer toward an attorney who listens. Steer toward a small legal practice with vast Big Law experience. Steer toward counsel who strives for solutions for your legal problems and challenges. Steer to Geiger Law & Mediation.

Attorney Michael J. Geiger remains dedicated to providing the best legal services for his clients. Geiger Law & Mediation provides cost-effective counsel and representation focusing on the areas of estate planning, family law, business counsel and litigation, personal injury and other areas. With more than thirty years experience, Geiger Law & Mediation crafts resolutions and solutions to address your legal issues.

Michael Geiger has long appreciated that resolution through private mediation, arbitration and other processes is quite often more desirable to, and less costly than, public litigation. Michael has mediated cases since the 1990s and has been a TN Rule 31 Listed Mediator since 2004. In addition to mediation, these alterative dispute resolution services include arbitration, early neutral evaluations and min-trials.

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