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Merci. Merci Beaucoup.

A career including chart topping albums and No. 1 hits.  A larger than life stage personality which translated to a career on the silver screen.  A life captured in tabloid
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The Original Grinch

Christmas as a celebration including fancy gift giving, festive parties, parades, and elaborate meals did not really arise until the mid-1800s.  In 1822, a New York City newspaper published the
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From Miami to the South Seas

“Here we go. . . .  Here’s your ballgame, folks, as Flutie takes the snap.  He drops straight back . . . has some time, now scrambles away from one
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Stingy Jack

A good number of years ago in Ireland, a fellow known as Stingy Jack maintained less than a stellar reputation.  Stingy Jack derived tremendous pleasure in playing tricks on all. 
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