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Elder Law


Empowering Seniors and Their Families

Elder Law has become an important aspect of the legal system, catering to the legal needs in the aging process for us all as well as those with disabilities.  These challenges require proper legal counsel, support and planning.  An experienced Elder Law attorney can guide you through these challenges.  

At Geiger Law, we provide comprehensive Elder Law services to our clients.  We seek to anticipate potential circumstances and prepare our clients and their families to address these needs before or once they arise.

Our Elder Law services cover a broad range of areas, including:

  • Disability Planning:  We assist clients in creating a disability plan that outlines their wishes in case of physical or mental incapacity.
  • Medicaid Asset Protection Trusts (MAPTs):  A MAPT helps planning for potential costly illnesses or care needs with protection of assets from government and medical lien holders.
  • Veterans Asset Protection Trusts (VAPTs):  A VAPT operates similar to a MAPT in offering protections and preservation of assets for those who may receive Veterans benefits.
  • Powers of Attorney for Health and Financial Matters:  We prepare comprehensive medical and financial powers of attorney to provide clients peace of mind in the event of incapacity.
  • Living Trusts and Wills:  Elder Law includes the fundamentals of estate planning to address the client’s wishes and goals to manage their affairs and distribute their assets through incorporation of Living Trusts and Wills as part of any Elder Care plan.
  • Assisted Living Alternatives:  Geiger Law provides guidance on alternatives which may become needed in the aging process through alignment with other professionals who specialize in long term care and assisted living structures.

At Geiger Law, we understand the importance of Elder Law, and we remain committed to providing our clients with the legal assistance they need to navigate through life’s challenges.  Our Elder Law plans seek to protect assets while preserve independence with dignity.  Contact us today to learn more about Elder Law services and how we can assist you.


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