Can Your Social Media Life Ever Get Laid to Rest?

Facebook.  Twitter.  WhatsApp.  Snapchat.  Instagram.  LinkedIn.  Just how many social media and information sharing sites are among those for which you have an account?  We can only imagine the number and diversity of future social media sites which will arise over the next ten years.  Some of these listed sites may be relegated to the attic of the internet collecting dust next to your Myspace page.  Yes.  Your Myspace page still exists and others can still access it!

What happens to your electronic life upon your demise?  The short answer is that it lives on without you.  Your immediate response may be: “So what?  I have moved on.”  But perhaps there may be information and data among these sites which you no longer would want shared.  There could be family-related information or photographs at issue.  There may be business interests which are no longer anyone’s business.

Many established social media sites, but certainly not all, have matured to include steps to deal with legacy (i.e., after death) user concerns.  Most newer sites incorporate such measures as part of their platform.  Yet, dealing with each of these sites remains a painful and lengthy process for loved ones.  You can help to ease that burden.

Consider appointing a Digital Executor to address your on-line existence in the event of death or incapacity.  A Digital Executor can more readily access sites and follow your expressed wishes.  Also consider using a password management service which protects and stores your passwords and provides one log-in for you to access accounts.  Your trusted Digital Executor can then easily access accounts to comply with your directives.  Be sure to use a password management service with a digital legacy feature to provide a “how to” roadmap for the Digital Executor.

Proper estate planning can act in your stead, including how to address your digital legacy.  To learn more about comprehensive estate plans, contact Michael Geiger at Geiger Law.  

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