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Tragedies of a Tragedy

Tragedies of a Tragedy Two days after this past Christmas, I finished vacuuming dog hair and completed my projects in order to return home after our family Christmas vacation.  The
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Slide Rules, A Big Bang, and the Moon

Slide Rules, A Big Bang, and the Moon Dateline:  1958 – Cold War America.  The United States failed twice to launch a man-made satellite into orbit.  In late 1957, the
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Resolutions, But Why Now?

Resolutions, But Why Now? Welcome to 2023.  New Year.  New Beginnings.  New Promises.  For many, the New Year represents a time and place to wipe the slate clean, begin anew,
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50 Years Collecting Dust

50 Years Collecting Dust The 1936 Olympics in Berlin introduced basketball as a completion.  Between 1936 and 1972, the U.S. Men’s Basketball Olympic team compiled a record of 63 wins
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