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Naked Commitment

Dateline: Coventry, England in the year 1045, give or take ten years.  Leofric, Earl of Mercia, possesses two distinct reputations.  First, the Earl and his wife continued as generous benefactors
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Unexpected Encounters

I admit that I am not a big social media participant.  I worry not about the number of my “friends”.  I “follow” others only if I personally know them.  I
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Happy 4th and Unhappy Relatives

Happy July 4th Week!  Many are on vacation this week or at least taking it easier with a mid-week 4th of July.  The Blog decided to kick back a little
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Flag Day Stinks!

Happy Flag Day to you.  June 14 is never a happy day for me.  My own lot really has nothing to do with Flag Day, but rather the date.  Flag
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