Back to School!

It’s Back to School time, even for college students.  Perhaps your own college student does not know where your washer and dryer are located in your house.  Your own college student would not know how to unload a dishwasher which has always, magically, unloaded itself.  Yet, college students are adults in the eyes of the law even though their parents know otherwise.

As adults, they need their own basic estate plan documents such as a Health Care Power of Attorney, HIPPA Authorization, and Business Affairs Power of Attorney.  The Health Care Power of Attorney allows those so authorized to make medical decisions on behalf of the person who is now incapacitated.  The Business Affairs Power of Attorney similarly permits the designated Attorney in Fact to manage business decisions for the incapacitated person, including insurance and banking decisions.  

The HIPPA Authorization may prove invaluable.  If your college student ends up receiving medical care, but is not in a position to advise who should receive medical information about the condition, the hospital or medical provider are precluded from releasing information to others – even Mom and Dad, absent a court order.  

Without these basic documents, Mom and Dad may be left entirely in the dark left to worry and wonder.  Or, Mom and Dad can arrange to secure these type of protections for their children while they are away at school – even if being “away” is attending the University of Memphis.  Attorney Michael Geiger can help with these needs and also address your own estate plan.  

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