Geiger Mediation : Mediation and ADR

Mediation and ADR


Mediation is a process where disputing parties reach their own resolution through assistance of a mediator. Michael Geiger is a professionally trained, Rule 31 Listed, mediator who brings his almost 30 years of litigation experience to bear to help parties avoid the protracted and costly litigation process and to achieve full, complete, and mutually acceptable resolution to adverse relationships.


Arbitration is a private trial where the arbitrator functions as the judge. The parties can define the rules and procedures with the arbitrator issuing an award after hearing. Geiger Mediation offers arbitration services as an alternative to public trials and a path to resolve disputes.

Early Neutral Evaluation

Early Neutral Evaluation (ENE) is a confidential process where the parties seek the advice of an experienced legal practitioner, typically an attorney, concerning the strengths and challenges in their case and positions. The process may be voluntary or court ordered. The benefits of ENE are that it may result in complete resolution, re-evaluation of the case by the parties, limiting claims in dispute, or focusing the parties on essential or critical issues. Michael Geiger’s vast litigation experience assists his analysis not only of claims, but also in properly evaluating anticipated litigation difficulties and costs.

Mini-Trial Alternatives

Mini Trials typically involve abbreviated presentations of issues or claims to a neutral third party who rules on the matters or guides the parties toward resolution. These private Mini Trials may be binding or non-binding. Mini Trials may be used to resolve portions of disputes or the entire claim. Geiger Mediation offers Mini Trials as a cost-effective alternative to public trials.