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Family Law


Navigating the complexities of Family Law with compassion and expertise

Family Law is a complex area of law that encompasses a range of legal issues arising from separation, divorce, and post-divorce issues that are emotionally charged and personal to the client. Geiger Law can help you navigate through these issues and provide peace of mind by protecting your rights.

Some of the critical issues that arise in Family Law include:

  • Divorce: Whether the dissolution of the marriage is amicable or highly contested and complex, your parental and property rights will be permanently impacted. Our firm can guide you through the processes so you understand the impacts of each decision along the way.
  • Property Division: Dividing marital assets and debts must be equitable, which means fair but not necessarily equal. Our firm can help identify and properly value assets to ensure a proper and fair division of property.
  • Alimony: This becomes a complicated issue when both spouses work and/or both spouses obtained higher education levels. Our firm will argue for the appropriate amount of alimony under the facts of your case.
  • Child Custody: The best interest of the child must be carefully evaluated to determine custody and visitation. Geiger Law can assist in crafting parenting agreements which seek to maintain relationships with children while providing for their welfare.
  • Child Support: A court determines the amount of child support the non-custodial parent should pay. Our firm can help secure an order from the court which addresses the needs of the children based on the financial positions of the parties.
  • Modification: After a divorce, circumstances may change significantly for one party. In those events, court approval is required for changes to matters set forth in a divorce decree or parenting arrangement. Our firm can assist with determining whether such relief is available and the process to achieve it.

Geiger Law has the experience and expertise to handle complex family law issues with compassion and sensitivity. Let us help you navigate through these difficult times and provide peace of mind that your rights are protected.


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